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Why Sheertex?

Our passion for textiles is the driving force behind our success. Our inspiration is our customers.

Excellence in luxury and superior comfort with a hint of fashion trends for your home is the heart and soul of Sheertex.

Sheertex was created with the vision of providing consumers with bed, bath and home decor collections that offer casual, affordable luxury. We are proud Australian Based Business with Experience of over 15 years and offices in Melbourne, New York and India. Sheertex is all about creating the right luxury home decor for the right market. With specialization in, designing, sourcing and bringing to market a diversity of Textile and Homeware Products which including variety of fabrics such as sateen, cotton, poly cotton, jacquard, waffle, and much more. Our Strengths are Sheets, Quilt Covers, Coverlets, Towel Ensembles, Bathmats, Decorative Pillows and Bedding.

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Park Avenue
Ranee taylor
Ddecor designs embody the most modern international fabric, styling, palettes and trends globally. Ddecor evolved into an innovation brand that lead to new fabric constructions including cotton blend and prints. Ddecor features rich heritage, unique design capabilities and devotion to quality, ensure an ongoing commitment to providing beautiful on-trend designs without the hefty price tag...
Park Avenue by Sheertex is a range of bed linen and accessories, perfectly suited to the modern Australian lifestyle. Park Avenue has a comprehensive range of accessories to take your bed from drab to fab.
Renee Taylor by Sheertex combines classic bed linen and accessories, with innovative fabrics and textured weaves. Perfectly suited to the modern Australian lifestyle.
BLCKOUT bedlinen by Sheertex combines classic bed linen with innovative fabrics and textured weaves. Nature, that’s BLCKOUT’s focal point, our influence is everything we do. BLCKOUT bedlinen is a premium brand and has a comprehensive range of sheet sets like 1000 Thread count Cotton, .